Ben Monder – guitar, compositions
Drew Gress – bass (except 4, 7, 10)
Jim Black – drums (except 4, 7, 10)
Analogue recording excerpt 7 & 10


SGL 1509-2
Museevum (6:40)
Flux (8:32)
Food for the Moon (8:13)
Red Shifts (2:02)
Jello Throne (9:48)
Orbits (7:05)
O.K. Chorale (7:39)
Lactophobia (3:11)
Propane Dream (8:33)

Highly regarded among guitarists and other musicians for his virtuosity and dedication, Monder has assembled a program of original compositions, including three solo pieces, for his debut CD as a leader. Rooted in jazz improvisation, his music integrates wide-ranging influences, notably twentieth century classical (Bartok, Stravinsky, Carter) and rock, reflecting his experiences as a player and listener. The trio explores forms and textures, elaborating Monder’s evocative melodies and distinctive harmonic language, often sweetly dissonant. The solo works, which are through-composed, guitaristic, and rhythmically challenging, sometimes bring to mind the complexity-within-simplicity and cyclic feel of process music. Monder plays electric guitar throughout but doesn’t employ a panoply of effects; rather, his tone and attack bear the authority of one who has honed his approach to concentrate on the essential.